Make your EMR work for you

Most physicians agree that charting is the least appealing part of being a doctor. Although certain aspects of the EMR work very well (such as trending labs and managing medications), physician data input remains tedious and time consuming.

Our experience is that physicians start to love their EMRs when spared the pain of data entry.

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What we do

With Inscribe Labs, remote scribes produce notes directly into a practice's EMR just as would a traditional, in-person scribe.

However, we borrow a page from old-school dictation companies by working off-location. We use audio devices to transmit patient encounters to scribes, rather than staffing scribes on location.

Physicians also have the option to share "smart" dictation with their scribe. Mention favorite templates, macros, or dot phrases, and a scribe will draft the note for review and signature.

Why Inscribe Labs?

  • Free up valuable physician time Doctors shouldn't spend their days buried in repetitive charting tasks — we let physicians see extra patients, spend more time with each of them, and go home on time.
  • Try at no risk Inscribe Labs' service is HIPAA and HITRUST compliant. We allow you to pay for what you use with no contractual minimum. If you only need us to scribe your most complex visits, we're happy to help.
  • Spare physicians from scribe training In-person scribes tend to turn over frequently. Equipped with specialized tools and resources to produce your notes, our scribes are more accurate and require less direction than traditional scribes.

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